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Estetica: Rikoko – The Art of Giving Professionals Something Fresh & Authentic to Share with Clients

SALON RETAIL IS NOT DEAD. If it was RIKOKO is bringing it back to life with a new generation of luxury “color smart” products that literally sell themselves off the shelf.


Modern Salon: New Rikoko Line Uses Power of Coconut

Chemist Sheree Ladove Funsch has launched her new haircare line, Rikoko.


Modern Salon: Memo Exclusive: An Interview with CEO of Product Development for label.m USA

Sheree Ladove Funsch, CEO of her company, Miami-based LaDove, Inc, develops and produces innovative hair, body and skincare products. She is the formulator famous for many TIGI products including the industry-rocking TIGI Bed Head Hair Stick.


One to Watch: Músed by Lindsay Jones

Designer Lindsay Jones’ Spring ’18 Músed collection channeled the ethereal, regal, and elegant. The designer talks the collection, beginnings, that one time she posed for Playboy, and beyond. Meet the mastermind!


Fox 5: NYC company’s organic dog-grooming products

NEW YORK (FOX 5 NEWS) – A 2017 Parsons graduate has come up with her own organic pet care brand that can help spare dogs from the dreaded summer shave. In fact, Kibble Pet’s motto is “Just say no to shaving.” Samantha Kent created the line of all natural, organic dog shampoos, detanglers, waterless shampoo, and wipes to help pet parents deal with some basic problems.


WPTV: Beauty travel tips for women

Beauty expert Sheree Ladove Funsch, president of Ladove, has tips on how to you maximize your packing for summer travel.


WPTV: What’s in your hair and beauty products?

Sheree Ladove Funsch, president and CEO of Ladove Inc., explains what type of ingredients are in your hair care products.


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