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Designer Lindsay Jones’ Spring ’18 Músed collection channeled the ethereal, regal, and elegant. The designer talks the collection, beginnings, that one time she posed for Playboy, and beyond. Meet the mastermind!

First things first, how did you score the amazing space [The High Line Hotel] for your show? Everyone was talking about it.
I wanted an angelic space. My amazing producer and publicist, Courtney ‘Coco’ Daniels helped me find it and with some fantastic sponsors like CHANDON, Label.M, Matthew Curtis for hair, Jenny Smith for makeup & Theresa King for nails.

Tell us how you came up with the concept of “Divine Love Letter”.
I fell in love last March unexpectedly. It’s been hugely inspiring for me as I feel sometimes we have real life Angels.

The collection had a zodiac reference, what’s your sign?
I am a Gemini. Leo Rising…some Scorpio. I’m nice I swear! I like astrology. I like symbols and the idea of a night sky. I like other symbols and ideas of magic divinity otherworldly as well. Angels and lions—regal elegance in connection to divinity.

How did you come up with the name Músed?
Brainstorming with a friend Labanna. The name is in regard to the Goddess and the Muses.

Where did you study fashion?
In both New York City and London. I dropped out of fashion school. I learned most of what I know in Zac Posen’s studio.

What was it like working with not only Posen but also Marc Jacobs?
I learned everything I know under high stress in great studios assisting great designers. Never cry at work!

You also ended up working with Miguel Adrover…
A friend helped me get the work with Miguel. It was cool. I learned to hand sew horse hair there. His studio felt like the South of Spain.

You’re not only a designer but an artist too.
I have collaborated with Jerry Saltz new favorite Aneta Bartos I am one of her muses and models. I’ve been sculpting Aneta. I was recently in a Terence Koh performance. Richard Prince and Richard Kern have photographed me or appropriated my photos. I had a significant roll in Marfa Girl—a Larry Clark film. Mostly these people are my friends and I like collaboration. I’m currently very focused on design though and have been for some time. I took a break once from fashion moved to Malibu spent time upstate too.I couldn’t stop designing though so I came back.

And on a side note, you appeared in Playboy—how did that come about?
I was cast for Playboy three times. The last two times I said, “Yes!” It was an old friend, Greg Mannis, who ended up photographing me. I felt Playboy had worked with some great icons. I’m pro-nudist, pro-feminist. I think women should reveal only what they want and for themselves. I wanted a photo of me classic nude to remember what it was like when I’m old. [Laughs]

What’s next?
I want to surprise you and I want to make you beautiful things to wear.