Our Unique Signature

LaDove’s services go way beyond contract manufacturing.

In fact, we think of ourselves as a New Product Development Boutique. This unique NPD Boutique approach has become our signature, and has resulted in custom turnkey solutions to our client-partners’ creative vision.

This approach has also helped us become a Top-Brand ‘Magnet’ of best-selling salon hair care brands, who rely on LaDove to develop their next blockbuster product.

Turnkey Solutions

Our NPD Boutique approach to product manufacturing addresses all aspects of development: from concept, ingredients & formulation, marketing positioning & branding, to packaging & fragrance recommendations. You bring us your idea….LaDove gives you a winning finished product!

Manufacturing Excellence

Our manufacturing practices meet and often exceed government-mandated standards. We have Miami Lakes-based state-of-the-art manufacturing and warehousing facilities where all of our products are proudly made in the USA. An on-site staffing office allows us flexibility to meet your changing manufacturing demands at a moment’s notice, so that your needs are fully met each and every time.

We Think Outside The Box

LaDove’s Vision

LaDove’s vision of product development is designed around forward-thinking Scientific Rigor. Our goal is to continue to pioneer product improvements and enhancements that are solidly built upon rigorous R&D. LaDove’s product research consistently leads to trend-setting product innovation that often becomes the new industry standard. LaDove has remained ahead of its competition because of its focus and commitment to investments in R&D and innovation.

Pioneering Product Developments
Sustainability – LaDove’s commitment to using ingredients that are sustainable & renewable, leaving a minimal carbon footprint on the planet.
Inspiring Creativity – We push boundaries by thinking in an unconventional way. This has resulted in some of our greatest market successes.

LaDove is certified to manufacture organic products under the USDA National Organic Program.

We Create Winners

Premium Quality and Scientific Innovation

LaDove products are characterized –and recognized– by their emphasis on premium quality and scientific innovation which leads to market success. That is the LaDove Advantage. Our dedicated in-house Research & Development, Marketing and Packaging Design teams contribute integrated product development insights that result in Purpose-Inspired Products – quality products developed based on superior consumer insights to ensure that they are consumer-relevant and timely additions to the current marketplace.

Trend & Market Leaders

LaDove forges a unique product identity for each project that is developed ‘from concept to shelf ’. This culminates in finished products that are relevant to consumers’ day-to-day experiences, and that are poised to succeed. Thoughtfully-developed products that are grounded on solid consumer-based insights have a much higher probability for success. That is the LaDove difference!

Your Success is Our Success

We form Strategic Partnerships with our clients, where we are fully vested in our partnership’s success….because when you succeed, it’s a win for us too!

World-Renown Expertise

We pride ourselves in being the ‘creative engine’ behind some of the industry’s most iconic, recognizable and best-selling products: label.m, Regis, TIGI Bed Head, Catwalk, Rikoko, Aquage, Biomega, It’s a 10, Sun Bum, Reza Be Obsessed, Headwear, Rich by Rick Ross and so many more hits.