Founded over 30 years ago by Larry Ladove, we soon became a leader in custom manufacturing of professional salon hair care products as a result of our client-centered approach and manufacturing flexibility.

Today, the new face of LaDove is Sheree Ladove Funsch –the founder’s daughter and company’s President & CEO. Sheree is a visionary who has revolutionized the professional salon hair care industry with her unique and all-encompassing approach to product development.

Sheree grew up in LaDove, and her passion for the business has helped catapult it into a force to be reckoned with, thanks to an impressive –and ever-expanding– portfolio of top-selling and buzz-generating hair, body and skin care products formulated under her expert guidance.

We Care

LaDove’s Charity Work

LaDove cares deeply about making exceptional products that help to enhance beauty, but we are also passionate about contributing towards improving lives…period. LaDove’s philanthropy reaches far and wide, with regular sponsorships and fundraising efforts for many causes that are very dear and close to our heart. Charities supported by LaDove include The Lupus Foundation and City of Hope Cancer Care & Research, among others.

Giving Back

Stimulating the Local Economy – We care about leaving a positive imprint on the planet via great products, charitable contributions and also by helping to stimulate the local economy. LaDove is one of the largest employers in the Miami area, and is steadfast in its commitment to making all products exclusively in the USA, without outsourcing labor to foreign countries.